BMW's product development chief Confirms the Electrification of Iconic M3

BMW's iconic M3 sedan is going electric, set to arrive around 2027 with quad-motor power on the Neue Klasse platform. This move emphasizes BMW's commitment to high-performance EVs while preserving traditional M models for enthusiasts.

BMW's product development chief Confirms the Electrification of Iconic M3

In a news that marks the evolution of high-performance vehicles in the electric era, BMW's product development chief, Frank Weber, confirmed the transformation of the iconic M3 sports sedan into an all-electric powerhouse. As per a report by, the announcement came during a roundtable interview held in Portugal, coinciding with the global launch of the BMW i5. This move signifies a key milestone in BMW's commitment to electrification and the future of performance-oriented electric vehicles.

The highly anticipated electric BMW M3 is slated for release by the year 2027. This revelation is in line with BMW's strategy to electrify its lineup and aligns with the anticipated launch of the Neue Klasse platform, which represents BMW's vision for a high-tech, efficient future.

The forthcoming electric M3 will leverage BMW's cutting-edge Neue Klasse platform. Designed to accommodate four independently operating electric motors, this platform boasts a staggering power capacity of up to one megawatt, equivalent to approximately 1,340 horsepower. This capability reflects BMW's commitment to providing exhilarating performance while embracing electric propulsion.

One of the most exciting aspects of this electrification initiative is the flexibility it offers drivers. With the electric M3, enthusiasts can expect a range of dynamic possibilities. The vehicle's electric drivetrain allows for fine-tuning of handling characteristics, including a rear-wheel drive bias, enhancing the driver's ability to customize the driving experience.

Despite the shift towards electrification, BMW acknowledges the enduring appeal of its gas-powered M models. Therefore, the company plans to continue offering a gas-powered version of the M3 for customers who appreciate the traditional performance characteristics of internal combustion engines.

The electric M3 will serve as a showcase for BMW's ambitious Neue Klasse platform, which promises a 30% increase in range, 20% faster charging, and a 25% improvement in overall vehicle efficiency. This platform embodies BMW's commitment to innovation and high-performance electric vehicles.

BMW's decision to electrify the M3 aligns with the company's broader strategy, reflecting the industry's ongoing shift towards electric mobility. By offering an all-electric M3 with unparalleled power and dynamic versatility, BMW aims to set new standards for high-performance electric vehicles.

The announcement of electrification of the BMW M3 marks a pivotal moment in the history of high-performance sports sedans. As the automotive industry continues its electrification journey, the electric M3 is poised to define a new era of electric driving experiences while keeping the spirit of M performance alive.