Ola Electric Debuts S1X Electric Scooter in the Indian EV Market

15 August 2023: Ola Electric has introduced its latest affordable electric scooter, the S1X, with an initial price tag of Rs 79,999. The company has also provided a sneak peek of four upcoming electric motorcycles slated for release by late 2024. These models come in three options: the S1X with a 2kWh battery, the S1X with a 3kWh battery, and the upgraded S1X+ featuring an enhanced 3kWh battery alongside advanced connected features. The unveiling took place at the Ola Future Factory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, where Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric’s founder and CEO, showcased the new offerings.

Initially, the S1X equipped with a 2kWh battery will be available at an introductory rate of Rs 79,999 for the first week, with the price subsequently rising to Rs 89,999. The booking process is now open, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in December, targeting daily commutes spanning approximately 10-20 km.

For the S1X model featuring a 3kWh battery, an early-bird price of Rs 89,999 will apply during the initial launch week, which will later increase to Rs 99,999. Reservations for this version are also being accepted, and deliveries are set to kick off in December.

Furthermore, the S1X+ variant has been introduced with an initial cost of Rs 99,999 during the inaugural week, followed by a standard price of Rs 1,09,999. Reservations are currently being accepted, and shipments are projected to commence by the end of September. Notably, the S1X impresses with a range of 151 kilometres on a single charge and a top speed of 90 km/hour.

With an aim directed at transforming urban transportation, the debut of Ola Electric's S1X Electric Scooter signifies a remarkable advancement in India's electric vehicle market. With a range of battery options catering to different user needs, Ola Electric is paving the way for accessible and eco-friendly mobility solutions. Ola Electric's visionary approach continues to shape the landscape of the country's electric vehicle industry.