IMAGE: Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina Unveils the B95: A Pinnacle of Electric Hypercar Innovation

Automobili Pininfarina Unveils the B95: A Pinnacle of Electric Hypercar Innovation
Image: Automobili Pininfarina: B95, the first-ever all-electric hyper Barchetta

In a momentous unveiling at Monterey Car Week, Automobili Pininfarina, the renowned luxury car designer, has introduced the world to the B95, a groundbreaking pure-electric hyper Barchetta. This unveiling marks a significant milestone for the brand, known for its commitment to marrying elegant design with superior performance.

The B95 represents not just a new vehicle but a testament to Automobili Pininfarina's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and technology. Drawing inspiration from their recently unveiled PURA Vision concept, the B95 showcases the brand's PURA design philosophy—an ethos rooted in an elegant silhouette and dramatic proportions.

At first glance, the B95 commands attention with its full-width enveloping bodywork, creating an unmistakable muscular appearance. A high swage line adds a touch of sophistication while enhancing the vehicle's aerodynamics. From within the cabin, this design approach provides a feeling of safety and comfort while connecting occupants with their surroundings.

The exterior of the B95 is a masterpiece in itself. The vehicle showcased at Monterey Car Week features a metallic Bronzo Superga finish that brilliantly contrasts with Giallo Arneis gloss accents. This exquisite finish is further enhanced by Black Exposed Signature Carbon detailing, which adds a unique 3D sculptural effect to the design.

One of the most distinctive features of the B95 is its open-top driving experience, elevated by the world's first electronically adjustable aero screens. Inspired by vintage fighter planes, these clear polycarbonate screens offer a perfect blend of form and function. Clients can raise or lower them at will, ensuring comfort while preserving the car's stunning design integrity.

For those seeking the ultimate driving experience, bespoke helmets coordinated to match the B95's specification are available. These helmets not only complement the vehicle's aesthetics but also ensure safety during high-speed drives on both road and track.

The interior of the B95 harmoniously combines classic race car elements with futuristic design. The dashboard, extending the distinctive lines of the hood into the cabin, creates a floating wing effect that captivates the senses. Upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather with bespoke embossing, the cabin exudes sophistication. The seats, inspired by classic race car seats, offer both comfort and protection.

Beneath the B95's exquisite exterior lies a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. This hyper Barchetta can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds and boasts a top speed exceeding 300 km/h. The heart of this performance is a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is liquid-cooled and safely housed in lightweight carbon fiber. With fast-charging capabilities of up to 270 kW, a 20-80% charge takes as little as 25 minutes.

The B95's power is delivered to the road via four independent high-performance electric motors—one for each wheel. Five distinct drive modes, including Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa, and Carattere, empower the driver to tailor power delivery and handling to their preferences and the road conditions.

The B95 isn't just an exceptional hypercar; it's a limited-run masterpiece. Automobili Pininfarina will handcraft only ten of these extraordinary vehicles, each meticulously curated in collaboration with the brand's design team and individual clients. With each B95 being a unique creation, exclusivity is guaranteed, setting a new standard for the most discerning of hypercar enthusiasts.

To sum up, the Automobili Pininfarina B95 is more than a car; it's an embodiment of art, technology, and vision. Scheduled for delivery in 2025, coinciding with Pininfarina SpA's 95th anniversary, this hyper Barchetta redefines the possibilities at the intersection of design and performance. As the automotive world pivots towards electrification, the B95 stands tall as a symbol of what's achievable when design brilliance and technological prowess unite in perfect harmony.